Genysis 101


One in a million would be an understatement for describing her. She left for her office assignment last week and she was supposed to come today but she had to extend her timeline. She will come after 3 days. I had a skype call with her half an hour ago, yet I really am missing her. I know it’s really silly, but it is what it is.

If you were here, I would be able to touch your skin, caress your hair, let it fall on my face. I love the smell of you. I love the cozy you and I love every aspect of you. You are that person with whom I fight so much but can’t stay without talking to.

If you were here, I would take you to watch a movie, not a love story though, you don’t like love stories. You are the only girl I know is the fan of The Avengers.

When she came for the Avengers: Age of Ultron with her friends, she almost didn’t notice me, she was busy talking about the trailer even at the ticket counter. I was amazed by the knowledge she had about the comic book storyline and I was scolded by the people behind me multiple times to keep moving in the queue.

It was our first touch when she tried to do Scarlet Witch impression the way Elizabeth Olsen did in the trailer with both hands on the sides and she did it and she slapped my left cheek with her right hand and I got the touch of the smoothest palms. The people around us found it really funny and everyone started laughing. She was so embarrassed when She saw me and the blow had thrown away my cap and she curved her lips that said “Oh God!” and she took the cap from the ground and gave me back. Then she got busy with her friends again talking about the funny slow-motion scenes we will get to see of Quicksilver just like the movie released almost a year before: Xmen- Days of Future Past.

She didn’t look back at me until we didn’t have the tickets and I couldn’t stop looking at her all the time. She looked roughly at me as she was going in the theater and I still remember her expressions when she did. I knew it might felt a little creepy to her, but how could I control the sapiosexual me who was feeling so attracted to her with all the words coming out of her mouth about the comics and superhero movies. YES, READER, JUDGE ME ALL YOU WANT.

What were the odds of mine and her seats of being side by side? The falling-for-her-me was so sure but the reality is cruel all the time and she wasn’t seen again even after 15 minutes of finishing the movie. At first, I was getting mad and then I was sad and then I felt a tap on my shoulder and all of my friends suddenly vanished. I looked back and she was there. she was wearing the big black glasses and she was saying something.

“…sorry about what happened at the counter.” It was all I could hear.

“It’s okay. You were just being the more beautiful version of Scarlet Witch.”

She smiled.

“… So how was the movie?” She asked.

“Umm… it was nice.”



“Well, I didn’t like it that much.” She said as she was adjusting her dupatta. I came to my senses and realize that if I won’t ask a proper question, she would leave. so I asked:

“Why? What was wrong?”

“Well, Ultron was shown so strong in the trailer and in the movie, it was so weak.” She removed her glasses and adjusted her hair and I saw the eyes that I will fall in love with all over again later. “There was nothing remarkable about the climax as well. Why does every Avengers movie have to end with these SUPERheroes fist fighting alien robots?”

“Yes.” Those mesmerizing eyes were making me agree with her and also, she had a point.

She said that it was nice to meet me and she started to leave and I called her out.


She doesn’t accept it to this day but I’m so sure she smiled before she looked back at me.

“If I were ever a superhero, guess what my name would be?” I wore glasses when she turned away from me so that she wouldn’t be able to see the embarrassment and awkwardness in my eyes, and also, to look kind of cool.

“umm…” she smiled before saying that she thought it would be Ironman or Batman.

“I would be Yourman,” I said making a serious face. All these reading was serving me perfectly today.

“Oh. That’s so bad, man.” She said with a serious expression.

Holy shit! I ruined it. She looked so disappointed in me. I was cursing all the romance novels I used to read under my breath and she started laughing.

I smiled and apologized to all the books and even with glasses, I thought we made an eye contact for a moment.

“So that worked?” I asked her.

“Wasn’t it supposed to be?” she asked me, she was laughing.

I ‘yay’ed in my mind and she said that her name was Rishita.


We shook hands and exchanged numbers. We decided to meet the next evening for dinner. She started to leave and looked back and smiled and shook her head and disappeared with her friends. My friends emerge suddenly maybe from thin air and we all went to home.

I had a “Hi” message in my phone when I checked it again.

(to be continued…)



You are here, in front of me. Sitting straight as you usually do, confident. You have a book in your hand today. I take out my phone and take a picture of you, which is easy as you are busy with your book. I order your favorite coffee and try to look the cover of the book. Strange or maybe ironic, that I see you as a book that I love so much, but never have the strength to finish it, because when I read the same page over and over and then feel so high and stop reading because I don’t know how I’d feel if I finish it and don’t know what else to do with my life. I don’t want to lose this feeling, this excitement, this thrill, to get to know you without knowing. I don’t have a problem with being lonely, in a way we all are, but being not able to look at you like this would make me feel so empty, I think.

Our favorite coffee arrives and now you put the book down and accidentally, you look straight at me. You look into my eyes for a second and then you notice my coffee. You smile. You take your cup in your hand and motion it as “Cheers” and your lips whisper Salud. I reply as if it is my duty and we “Air-Cheers” our cups and you start drinking and I’m jealous of that cup. You finish your coffee and now leaving and I don’t finish mine and I’m also leaving. As cliche as it seems, you forget your book on your table. I take the book and run through the door. I can’t find you. How can I lose you like this when I haven’t even finished looking up for you in the first place? I’m sweating now. I’m losing my mind. I’m looking everywhere for you. I run to the parking lot of the mall. There is dark in here, not enough lights. I can’t see you, or anything else. I come out of the parking lot and there you are. You don’t have a vehicle. You are busy on your phone, maybe you’ve called a cab. But you haven’t. A girl with a scooty and a few guys with bikes stop in front of you. They have come to pick you up and you are leaving now. I note down the plate number of the scooty in your book and you are out of sight now. I’m going back to the parking lot and something from your book falls down. It’s your library card. It has your name and your photo. I guess I’m done looking up for you and now, it’s time.

(to be continued…)

Getaway To A Better Begining

The way he walked on
with his heart in his hands
and dreams in his eyes
and her name on his lips
when he reached
at the doorstep
of her home
he didn’t have to
ring the doorbell
she opened the door
right away
maybe because
she could hear his heartbeats
or maybe
she had seen him coming
from her window,
but it didn’t matter
and it shouldn’t.
because the door is never
the home
and the doorbell is not the heartbeat
it is merely a gateway to
a better beginning.

I met You

I met you. I don’t know what and how that happened. How I met you is too blur. I just remember myself being with her. There were some friends as well. They were around. But the moment I sat with her, everything around me vanished.

It was just me and her now. We were sitting on the stairs at outside of our floor where we work. We were sitting so close our thighs were touching. There was a little smoke around us. She was smoking. For some reason it didn’t matter. Not that it was so romantic that the smoke smelt like roses, but IT.REALLY.DIDN’T.MATTER.

All this was so overwhelming that I couldn’t speak. I was just looking at her and…Breathe. Not the smoke. Okay, some of it, but it really didn’t matter. Just sitting with her like this was enough to make me want to live again. It was foolish but I wanted to sit with her here forever.

She took a long drag from the cigarette and I wanted to kiss those lips. Her lips were the standard definition of perfection. I may have stared too long at her lips, because when I regained consciousness, I found her looking straight into my eyes. To my surprise, I didn’t find myself being embarrassed. Her face was so calming. Her eyes were containing the depth of the ocean and her lips curved into the most perfect smile. It was my duty to smile back. She raised her eyebrow taking another drag.

She reached to my hand and held it. She made the Love Handle. Now this was a weak moment. I fought hard not to look at her. Maybe she knew that I wasn’t looking and she hold my hand tighter. I was forced to look at her.

She may have threw her cigarette away because when I looked at her again, she turned to me and reached for my left hand with her right hand. We were facing each other now. Her face was flawless, or maybe our eyes were meant to see only the goodness in others. I looked away. Looking at her like this was reminding me all the dreams I had in the past and I was afraid that if I looked at her for a little more time, she will be one as well. She clutched my hands and I looked at her.

“Everything will be fine now.” I heard a whisper, and for the first time I wanted to believe it.

The Thousand Splendid Suns – Life of Mariam

51jkAgidvAL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_“One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roofs 

And the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls”

A thoughtful girl who had hopes. simple dreams. To live with her family, her brothers and sisters and her father. Life shouldn’t be this difficult that even these hopes seem impossible.

A girl who felt the guilt of her mother’s suicide after her running away from home. The guilt, the grief that  controlled all her life. She was hurt so many times, happiness was a myth. Her sacrifices were never counted. All her life, she did as she was told. Not because she was weak.

She was never loved, after all she was a harami, as her mother called her. Of course she loved her, but because of her mother’s behaviour, she resented  her mother and she ran for her father who never actually cared for her, who betrayed her. She was betrayed by every men she found in her life.

A girl who got married to a man twice her age, who married her just for the sake of children. And faced his cruelty and hatred after knowing that she can’t be a mother. She was resented and beaten all her life.  Her life took a positive turn when his husband got married to a girl again. She protested, but left unheard.

The girl and her children showed her that how it feels to love and to be loved back. After repeated regular fights, she accidentally murdered her husband while saving the girl from his beating. And then got executed for the “crime”.

“Kneel here, Hamshira. And look down.”

One last time, Mariam did as she was told.